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There are many other good tour guides in Israel. So why should you choose me for your next tour?

Trip options are many and varied in The Land of Israel. Over the years, I found that your satisfaction, as my clients, is very important to me. To achieve this satisfaction, and as a result of my experience, I made an "acquaintance set" - a comprehensive questionnaire about details for the prospective travelers, their interests and desires. I would like my entire prospective client to complete this questionnaire.

My ability to venture down into small detail to understand what interests you will allow me to tailor the right trip for you, based on your expectations and desires. Contact me for getting my "acquaintance set" that would allow us to plan and execute an exciting trip, "tailored" exactly according to your wishes.

My desire to please my customer has already brought us to unexpected places like a supermarket store in the city of 'Arad (in the Negev), arriving there to acquire a characteristic and special Israeli candy. I come ready and well prepared for the trips I guide. When the shoe of one of my travelers unwinder - I opened a Shoe Repair Shop in nature ... I am equipped with coffee and herbal tea that I like to brew in front of the spectacular scenery of our country.

My clientele range is wide, and includes families, businessman and executives, couples etc. My experiences with such a variety of customers allow me to custom your trip, so it will meet your desires and expectations.
Even in complex trips, which require coordination with many other external factors, I keep my patience and flexibility.

VIP tours with businessmen require, usually, ongoing flexibility throughout the entire trip, I'm blessed with the ability to improvise and try to always allow the customer to use the time optimally. In VIP Tours I lead, for the most part, the team's driver and security guard, ensure teamwork and customer satisfaction.
I have published several articles in the magazine of the Association of professional tour guides. These articles won positive responses from professionals. I tend to participate in much professional training in order to improve the level of my knowledge and professionalism.

I have high guiding ability in fluent Hebrew and English. I Like to spice up my guiding in storytelling, singing songs together and a sense of humor.

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  • It’s been almost two weeks since we got home, but it’s been incredibly busy. The problem with vacations, no matter how wonderful, is that it takes double the vacation time to get back into a routine.
    In any event, that is just a long way of explaining why I had not reached out to you earlier. I want to thank you again for a wonderful trip to Herodium. Your professionalism made the tour enjoyable. I especially want to thank you for the follow up in sending the scanned copies of the VIP room frescoes to us. It just means that at some point we will have to return. We will, of course, let you know about a redo, when the time comes. We thoroughly enjoyed the trip, your clear explanations and pleasant demeanor during our day with you.
    Please accept our thanks again,

    Paula Walter
  • Thanks to Shai Shvalb of Know The Land for a wonderful tour of Neve Tzedek and Old Tel Aviv earlier this week.
    You're a terrific guide, and I learned a lot about the history of the city!

    Karen Radkowsky
  • We learned a tremendous amount from you as your knowledge of Israel not only from a historical and political perspective but also from a social and gastronomical slant was right in line with what we wanted. The trip to the Golan Winery was perfect and served as a learning experience for all of us. Your restaurant suggestions were ideal and we loved having you join us in the experience.
    We look forward to our next trip to Israel and we have every intention of having you guide us through another part of this wonderful country. We will most certainly pass on your name to anyone looking to travel in Israel and please do not hesitate to give our contact information as a reference in support of your guiding talents.
    Looking forward to when we meet again.
    Very best.

    Eric Morgenstern & Sharon Scherl
  • Craig and I want to echo Seth's expressed sentiments. We so appreciate all your sharing of knowledge and insights with us. Your articulate and intelligent guidance throughout our trip added immensely to our experience. We look forward to recommending you to our friends and reconnecting with you in the years to come when we return to your wonderful country.
    We can't wait for the next visit with you to learn and learn and learn…

    Deborah and Craig Cogut
  • It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation for Shai Shvalb’s tour guide services. As someone who does not typically choose to discover places with a professional guide I was pleasantly surprised by Shai’s ability to draw and keep my attention throughout the trip with his knowledge, humour and passion.

    Meirav Even-Har

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